We Are Quantum Audio.


Welcome to the Quantum Audio Team! Here, we love music! We love the feel of the music. The feel of the bass. The feel of chorus. The feel of melody. That’s why we believe in Feel The Rush. The rush of music. The rush of energy. At Quantum Audio, we know how important sound is in your ride. That’s why we build everything to the highest of standards for audiophiles that love to feel the music, and Feel The Rush.


Quantum Audio is big enough for same day shipping & quick turn around at your favorite dealer, but small enough to make sure our quality and customer assistance never suffers! Our Tech Support Team field tests all of our products and makes all the right tweaks to make sure you’re getting the best sound quality out there. Quantum Audio knows your name is on the line. That’s why we stand behind our name to deliver on the best in beat bending audio!


These streets demand support. And with Quantum Audio, you’re never going to be going to be left than with less than the highest grade:

  • Speakers
  • Pro Audio
  • Subwoofers
  • Equalizers
  • Accessories & Components

Everything you need to define your life, your hood, your ride… it’s here. With the fattest lows and the clearest highs. Quantum Audio has your back.

We Dig Cars. We Love Music. That’s Why We Make Loud Amps, Subs & Speakers For Your Ride!